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PTS800V2 Gloss Black Sensors

PTS800V2 Gloss Black Sensors
Parking Sensor Kit with 4 Front And 4 Rear Sensors With Single Front Mounted Display.
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Main Features:

  • Complete front & rear protection with 8 sensors
  • Intelligent detection, compatible with spare wheel
  • 0.08s response time
  • Blue widescreen display
  • Anti-false alert technology
  • Detachable sensors with waterproof cable connectors
  • Self-test function

Technical Parameters:

  • Input voltage: 9>16V DC
  • Working current: <300mA
  • Static current: <80mA
  • Operation temperature: -40deg>+80deg
  • Beep volume: 50>70dB
  • Detection range:
  • Front: 0.10>0.99m - 0.10>0.69m (while reversing)
  • Rear: 0.10>2.59m
  • Display range:
  • Front: 0.1>0.9m - 0.1>0.6m (while reversing)
  • Rear: 0.3>2.5m
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